Alexander Malyshev, mafia boss

Was arrested in Spain, wanted by Interpol. Escaped to Russia and living now under protection of russian secret services

Boss of malyshevskaya criminal organization. Operating always with another boss Gennady Petrov their gang was integrated into the biggest criminal group of 90’s in St. Peterburg – Tambovskaya criminal organization (under control of Vladimir Kumarin aka Kum)

In Russia the gang’s alleged crimes included contract killings, arms- and drug-trafficking, extortion and forgery. Alexander Malyshev who moved to Malaga, Spain in the early 2000s. His organization was fighting a war for control of the St Petersburg underworld, and after several attempts on his life Malyshev decided he needed to find a safer place to spend his spare time. That is not to say that this kind of stress was new to him. In the past he has been charged with murders, gangsterism and illegal possession of weapons. Safe to say he had enough of the dangerous and cold life in Russia.

The two mafia groups (Petrov-Malishev gang, linked with Tambovskaya criminal organization), which made their names smuggling heroin in St. Petersburg when Vladimir Putin was deputy mayor in the 1990s, allegedly laundered more than US$ 62 million through Spanish real estate with the help of those standing trial, according to The Guardian.


Phase I of Op Troika (spanish police operations to combat “Russian” organized crime in Spain), which was executed in June 2008 resulted in the arrest of 20 top leaders of Russia’s Tambov-Malyshev crime family for criminal conspiracy, money laundering, document falsification and crimes against public finances. Most of those arrested were “Thieves in Law”, the highest echelon of Russian OC leadership.

Mobsters of their gang in early 90’s :

In October 2008, GOS authorities raided the Mallorca vacation mansion of Vladislav Reznik, chair of the Duma’s financial markets committee and a Putin ally within the United Russia party (See Ref B). XXXXXXXXXXXX There is some debate about whether Reznik bought the house from Petrov or whether it was a gift. In any event, the two were regularly seen together on the island, according to press reports. Garzon reportedly has ordered Reznik’s arrest for money-laundering and for belonging to a criminal organization. Reznik enjoys immunity in Russia, but Garzon’s extradition request is valid throughout the EU-27. In August 2009, the Spanish press reported that Garzon is investigating claims that Reznik and the Tambov crime family were involved in a 2008 plot to kidnap the eldest son of Spanish construction magnate Francisco Hernando del Saz (aka Paco el Pocero), one of the richest men in Spain. The plot, disrupted in April 2008, was to ask for a ransom of $30 million dollars. The leader of the would-be kidnappers reportedly alleges that he received his orders from Reznik.

Although GOS officials in 2005 publicly proclaimed Avispa a success, subsequent press reports suggest authorities struggled with leaks and bureaucratic snafus. Zahkar Kalashov and Tariel Oniani – Georgian-born Russian citizens who were the primary Avispa targets – apparently were both tipped off hours before the 2005 raid occurred and fled the country. Recent Spanish press reports suggest the source of the tip-off remains unidentified, although the Russian security services or a corrupt source within the GOS have been cited as possible culprits. Due to the leak, Izguilov was the most senior person arrested, although he later was released on bond from jail due to a technicality. Kalashov – allegedly the top boss of Russia’s “Solnstevo” crime syndicate – was detained in Dubai in 2006 and quickly extradited to Spain, which had put out an arrest warrant for him via Interpol.

The group of Malysheve and Petrov in Spain is alleged to have used five-hundred bank accounts to launder tens of millions euros a year. Money that was earned back in St Petersburg where the group is involved in drug dealing, the hotel and restaurant business, and had a lot of influence over banking institutions. Mikhail Rabo’s wife heads the Berlin branch of a Latvian Parex Bank.

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On foto from left to right: Gennady Petrov, Iida Masamichi (Yakuza) and Aleksander Malyshev

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