Express: Russia’s secret plan to launch war on Europe while the rest of the world is distracted

RUSSIA is scheming a top-secret plot to launch war on Europe while allies such as the US and UK divert their attention to climate change and the EU immigration crisis, a former NATO secretary general has warned.

Heinrich Brauss, who is also a retired German lieutenant general, claimed while Europe, the US and UK’s attention is more focussed on issues world leaders have deemed more pressing, Russian President Vladimir Putin is plotting a regional war with member states right under their noses. He told Berlin publication Welt am Sonntag: “At a time when our political attention is shrouded in climate change, the migration crisis, the EU crisis and many other issues that call for cooperative solutions, Russia is preparing under Putin – totally unprovoked – for regional wars in Europe, which they want to end with the help of nuclear weapons threats.” Mr Brauss and Joachim Krause, director of the Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University, said the aim of Russia’s strategy is to seek confrontation with the West and undermine the unity of the Western alliance.

Both men say that while President Putin is aware he would have little chance of success in a NATO-wide conflict, Mr Brauss added the Russian leader wanted “the ability to escalate dominance in a regional conflict in Europe”.

Mr Brauss and Mr Krause said that in the event of an armed conflict, Russia could try to launch a “limited-scale surprise attack backed by a nuclear threat before NATO can respond effectively”.

They have predicted this would most likely take place on the Black Sea region and the Baltic states. The warnings come weeks after Moscow officially suspended the INF treaty, sparking fears of a conflict that could escalate to World War 3.

Military experts are even more alarmed by the fact Russia continues to arm itself with super and hypersonic missiles.

The US has also been urged to disarm itself along with Russia, as tensions between the two power nations hit boiling point.

External Representative Federica Mogherini said on behalf of the EU she was deeply concerned and warned of a new arms race.

Referring to the development of a chillingly advanced missile, she said in a statement: “The viability of the agreement on arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation requires its full implementation. We urge Moscow to find an effective solution due to concerns about the development of the 9M729 missile.”

Russia, the US and China are all battling to dominate previously unclaimed territory adding even more fuel to fears of conflict.

Beijing has claimed waters in the South China Sea, Moscow has claimed ice in the Arctic regions and the US is battling for space in the solar system.

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According to this plot, Kremlin will support different pro-russian gangs in Europe. One of this heavy-armed groups was arrested at the north of Italy (link).