Gennady Petrov, mafia boss

Was arrested in Spain, wanted by Interpol. Escaped to Russia and living now under protection of russian secret services

With Alexander Malyshev was boss of Malyshevskaya gang, later integrated into bigger Tambovsakaya criminal organization. He was right hand of Vladimir Kumarin aka Kum. In 1998 moved to Spain with some other mafia bosses. Were involved there in money laundering for russian mafia.

Petrov (also known as Gennadios Vasilevich Petrov) is the “chief” of a criminal group having a clear pyramidal structure. Other gang members are under his ferule. They had named him “chief”, “boss”, “leader”, or “principal”. In the framework of his functions, Petrov had maintained close ties with representatives of the Russian political, economic, judicial, and police authorities, as well as with members of the international organized crime with the purpose to implement joint projects. With the assistance of lawyers, managers, and confidants, he has created in Spain a network of companies in order to cash out monetary funds obtained by the criminal group. In Russia, he maintains close ties with high-ranked officials in the political, criminal, and law enforcement spheres.

The Spanish investigators believe that Tambovsko-Malyshevskie organized criminal group has several leaders; each of them has his own functions and responsibilities and manages the operations using his henchmen. Sometimes, lower-ranked gang members interact with each other, but all of them have sustainable links with their bosses. The hierarchical structure puts the leaders in line, but the figure of Gennady Petrov seems to be more powerful.

In Russia the gang’s alleged crimes included contract killings, arms- and drug-trafficking, extortion and forgery.

One of the five Spaniards in the dock is Antonio Fortuny, accused of creating an opaque business network that channelled mafia money into offshore accounts.

Former Russian intelligence agent Alexander Litvinenko, murdered in London with radioactive polonium-210 in 2006, had been helping Spanish officials to investigate Russian organised crime.

Because of his links, Petrov becames very powerful. He could appoint ministers in Russian government just by phone call. Also many high-ranked russian politicans used his services to launder illegal money to buy real estate in Spain and Europe.

The two mafia groups (Petrov-Malishev gang, linked with Tambovskaya criminal organization), which made their names smuggling heroin in St. Petersburg when Vladimir Putin was deputy mayor in the 1990s, allegedly laundered more than US$ 62 million through Spanish real estate with the help of those standing trial, according to The Guardian.

Spain has issued arrest warrants for senior Russian government officials close to Vladimir Putin following a decade-long investigation into the activities of the Russian mafia.

A Spanish national court judge is seeking to arrest 12 people allegedly linked to Russian gangsters operating in Spain. They include Vladislav Reznik, a prominent MP for Putin’s ruling United Russia party, and Reznik’s wife Diana Gindin.

Ten years after Operation Troika, a trial of so-called ‘Russian mafia’ has commenced in Spain. The supreme leaders of Tambovsko-Malyshevskie organized criminal group that had laundered in Spain criminal proceeds from Russia are not among the defendants. However, two suspects have already provided confessions and told the investigation about the schemes used to launder criminal capitals.

«The defendants have created what is known in the Russian criminal world as “a criminal community”; then their leaders, the current defendants, decided to settle in Spain, in quite conditions, where their operations were not known, and establish and relocate their bases used for large-scale planning of knowingly criminal operations bringing enormous profits,» – the case file states.

The Spanish law enforcement authorities believe that despite its name, Tambovsko-Malyshevskie organized criminal group had been controlled in Spain by Gennady Petrov, not Aleksander Malyshev. The indictment does not specify the rule of well-known thief-in-law Vitaly Izgilov also known as Zver (Beast). It is only known that in late September 2015, the crowned thief has returned to Russia after serving a prison term in Spain in the framework of the criminal case against thief-in-law Shakro Molodoy.

It wasn’t long before police began to wonder about Gennady Petrov. He and his family were clearly Russian, but their passports were Greek. They seemed to have a lot of money, and to spend it in unusual ways. A real estate agent reported that Petrov had paid a contractor to build a tunnel down to the sea from another home he had owned in the area. Then there was an incident involving two Russians who were arrested as they prowled outside an upscale shopping center. The suspects wouldn’t talk, even after the police found a bomb in their car. But detectives eventually determined that the men were hoodlums who had flown in from Frankfurt to track another Russian—a businessman who was apparently involved in a dispute with Petrov.

The authorities soon discovered that Petrov was indeed a former boxer—and reputedly a high-ranking figure in one of Russia’s most powerful criminal organizations, the Tambovskaya. In Spain alone, he had amassed at least $50 million in properties and businesses. Beyond his island refuge, he was said to control a global network of legitimate and illicit activities, ranging from jewelry stores and extortion rings to the gray-market sale of Soviet MiG-29 fighter jets. But even the scope of Petrov’s enterprises did not prepare Spanish investigators for what they heard when they began to listen in on his telephone calls.

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Petrov and Malyshev

Mobsters of tambovsakya gang in early 90s

Petrov owned a mansion worth €20 million, and was known to hand out €500 tips. His neighbor was the sister of King Juan Carlos of Spain. During Operation Troika $307,000 in cash and twenty-three luxury cars (Ferraris and Bentleys) were seized. Bank accounts totalling €12 million euro were frozen.

The group of Petrov and Malyshev is alleged to have used five-hundred bank accounts to launder tens of millions euros a year. Money that was earned back in St Petersburg where the group is involved in drug dealing, the hotel and restaurant business, and had a lot of influence over banking institutions. Mikhail Rabo’s wife heads the Berlin branch of a Latvian Parex Bank.

Linked with Yakuza:

On foto from left to right: Gennady Petrov, Iida Masamichi (Yakuza) and Aleksander Malyshev