Sergey Vasiliev, mafia boss

One of the bosses of the tambovskaya criminal group.

He was first convicted of rape in 1974 and got five years in prison. In 1986, he was again convicted of fraud and was arested for six years with confiscation of property. Freed in 1989. After his release, together with his brothers Alexander and Boris Vasilyev, he engaged in racketeering in St. Petersburg. Also engaged in the distillation of cars from Europe to Russia. Then he got involved into Tambovskaya criminal group (biggest gang in the city in 90’s).

With other bosses Ilya Traber aka Antiquar and Vladimir Kumarin aka Kum founded PTK (Peterburg Fuel Company) and get monopoly on fuel market in St Peterburg in middle of 90’s. Some competitors who tried to stop them were killed. Also they were supported by the city’s mayor’s office by Vladimir Putin (for his assistance he got share in this business about 5 or 10%).

Because PTK was totally controlled by Tambovskaya criminal group, people for fun told this company should be renamed to Tambovskaya Fuel Company. In late 90’s Alexey Miller worked in this group of companies.

Sergey Vasiliev became ultra rich, builded for himself huge palace complex in the suburbs of St Peterburg. Look at this:

Real thug life! All is possible if you’re friend of Putin

Drives only luxury cars: Maserati MC-12, Bugatti veyron, Lamborghini, different kinds of Rolls Royce.

When he feels sick of cars, he just takes a flight by his private helicopter.

In May 2006, an assassination attempt was made on him, his Rolls-Royce and a jeep of security were hit by killers in the center of St. Petersburg. But he survived.

This can happen when you steal small oil company with other gangsters. The murder customer was his ex mate from Tambovskaya criminal group Valdimir Kumarin. He tried to take control over Sergey’s business but his plot failed and he was arrested in 2007.

According to two of our sources, de-facto co-owners of Petersburg Oil Terminal, Ilya Traber (wanted by Interpol), and Sergei Vasilyev, have attended Putin’s birthday parties. They visited at least two such parties, in 2004 and 2016, and received a warm welcome there. No other crime bosses have been honored this way: thus, Petrov was not even there, according to a source who witnessed the entire celebration.