Vladimir Kiselev, businessman

Businessman, linked with Tambovskaya (aka Tambovsko-Malyshevskaya) criminal organization.
Did money laundering for mafia and different fraud operations under control of mafia bosses Alexander Malyshev and Gennady Petrov. Also he acted as producer of music artists in Russia.

This financial manager of the Tambov-Malyshev organized criminal group was detained four times, attracted for racketeering and embezzlement. In response, Kiselev burned cars to competitors, threatening to bury alive.

Various musical groups that performed throughout the country earned huge sums of money, and through Kiselev, who was spinning in this world, it was possible to take them under control. Through him, most likely, it was possible to sell musical equipment, “knocked out” of the merchants. Well, and, of course, it is easy to organize the performance of almost any “star” at your gangster event. And then the White Nights festival was born, the organizer of which, with the support of the Tambov-Malyshevskaya, was Kiselev, and through which members of the group apparently laundered their money.

The headquarters of the White Nights festival was located at Berezovaya Alley, 7. In the hotel located in the same building, the “stars” stayed at the festivals and other events organized by Kiselev. Concurrently in this same building was the headquarters of the Malyshevskaya criminal group (part of big Tambovskaya criminal organization), with all the ensuing consequences.

“At that time, people with a criminal past entered the show business. A kind of criminal top dogs (criminal organizations since late 80’s are tried to get famous artists under control and get money from them for “protection”. Also they tried to control event managers). The situation was such that it was necessary to join the criminal group. It was not very desirable to communicate, and it was impossible not to communicate. Therefore, it was easier to leave the country and go to the sea. ” “And now you are communicating with Kiselev?” Asked the journalists. “No,” answered Bogdanov.

In the center: Putin and Vladimir Kiselev in 90’s

So, in 2006, a struggle for the right to host the concert of the legendary Rolling Stones group was launched between Kiselev and another St. Petersburg producer Yevgeny Finkelstein. The winner was Finkelstein, who organized the concert. But also threats from representatives of the criminal world began to pour on him.

Latest of his fraud operations:

What happened was this: On December 10, 2010, Vladimir Putin mounted the stage at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg and said, “Like the vast majority people, I do not know how to sing or play an instrument, but I enjoy doing it. So you’ll just have to bear it.” Then he picked a few notes on the grand piano, and burst into a rendition of Fats Domino’s “Blueberry Hill”—in English. It was amazing. And the celebrities in the audience—Sharon Stone, Gerard Depardieu, Kevin Costner, Mickey Rourke—thought so, too. Stone sang along and flashed the peace sign. Goldie Hawn clapped her hands. Costner stood. Monica Bellucci looked dumbfounded.

The event had been organized by the Federation Fund, a charity for children with cancer. And yet, despite the big Hollywood names in attendance—not to mention Putin himself—almost no one had ever heard of the Federation Fund. It was all rather strange.

So Russian reporters started raking the muck. What they found was that apparently the Fund wasn’t even an officially registered entity at the moment of Putin’s performance; it became an official legal entity only eighteen days later, on December 28th. Moreover, the Fund seemed to be linked to a man named Vladimir Vladimirovich Kiselev. In fact, it was hard to understand Kiselev’s exact relationship to the Fund. On one hand, he insisted that he is only a board member of the Fund; on the other, he insisted that he covered most of the expenses on his own, “out of my nightstand.” How, exactly, did that work?

Then all raised money were disappeared.

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He worked on the 1996 reelection campaign of Mayor Anatoly Sobchak, the leading reformer of the day and a mentor to Putin; Dmitry Medvedev; and Alexei Kudrin, the current finance minister. Who was in charge of that campaign? Putin. In the early part of that decade, Kiselev organized the White Nights Festival, and he turned for help to Sobchak’s wife, the politician and scholar Lyudmila Narusova. “Very quickly, I became convinced of his adventuristic character, and stopped associating with him,” she told the business daily Vedomosti. She did so just in time. “Twentieth Trust,” another fund that was a White Nights sponsor, was later the subject of a criminal investigation for allegedly using state funds to sponsor the festival and buy Spanish real estate. The investigation was dropped in 2000, when Putin became President.